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Thank you to Monica Thors Harness Racing Stable animal partners

Gratefulness and thank you to my/our:

Harness racing horses and Thoroughbred:

Angler, Missy Anne,  harness racing goat Billy,  American Rosie Lee and Riley Jayde.

 And with no words for the empty space left from According To Hoyle, Princess Grey, Carribbean Paradise, Accordingtoprince , Aspiration and Pleasure Me.   

With love to my Dog that passed away this winter: Moon

With Love to our cat that passed away recently: Marcelino

Cats: Herika, Mindi, Lucas, Vera, Mrs Grey, Wilhelmina, Magdalena, Indio, Eric, Matthew, Blackie, Majlis, Victor, Maria Mercedez , Tarzan, Ofelia, Leonardo, Alladin, Margareta, Goran, Camilla,  Maria, Jasmine, Deysi, Monica, Bambi, Esmaralda, Brian, Mamma Mia, Hamlet, George, Mowgli, Bagheera, Molly Thors, Elmer, Cocoa, Dianne, Joel, Willie, Mandy, Reyna, Rags, Santa Claus, Rudolph, Silver, Anna Thors, Mrs Crown, Mrs Fortuna, Mr Jim Mega Millions, Minnie, Mickey, Pluto Junior and Pluto Senior.

Special Thank you to:

Sea Bisquit